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Who’s who

Sr.No Name Designation Mobile no. Landline No.
  Mohd. Iftekharuddin Chairman   2622243
  Dr. Raj Shekhar Managing Director 8004922182 2621737/2274250
  Sri Radheshyam Addl. Managing Director 8004915130 2625453
  Sri Surya Prakash Sharma Legal Advisor 8604624618  
  Smt. Sunita Aditya Finance Controller 9868871102 2627279
  Sri Satish Kumar Dubey Chief General Manager (Admin.) 8004922182 2622848
  Sri P. R. Belwariar Chief General Manager (Operation) 9415049643 2629914
  Sri Jaideep Verma Chief General Manager (Technical) 9415049715 2628742
  Sri Atul Bharti General Manager (Personnal) 9415049643  
  Sri P. R. Belwariar General Manager (MIS) 8004921200  
  Sri Anagh Mishra General Manager (IT) 9415049725  
  Sri Rajeev Chauhan General Manager (PIDM) 9415115558  
  Sri J.N. Sinha Manager (RTI) 9415049698  
  Sri Vineet Seth Manager (MIS) 9415049621  
  Sri Atul Tripathi Manager (Comm.) 9415049638  
  Sri Ashutosh Gaur Staff Officer to M.D. 9415049728  
  Sri Sunil Prashad Manager (Operation) 9415049735  
  Ms Shuchi Kalra Manager (IT) 9415049626  
  Sri P.S. Mishra Manager (Operation) 9412705824  
  Sri R.K.Mandal M.D., LCTSL 9415007599  
  Sri P.K. Tandon Asst. Manager (Personnal) 9415609491  
  Sri Avinash Chandra Asst. Manager (Operation) 8004912962  
  Sri Manoj Ranjan General Manager (MMT) 9412705891  
  Sri Sanjay Shukla General Manager (Tech.) 9415043709  
  Sri A. Rahman General Manager (Tech.) 9415049773  
  Sri Vivek Mathur General Manager (Tech.) 9415115309  
  Sri R.N. Verma Dy. C.M.E. 9412705833 2625387
  Sri Shyam Babu Dy. C.M.E. 9412705902  
  Sri Junaid Shamsi Asst. Manager (Tech.) 9412781875  
  Sri Mohd Irfan E.E. (W) 9415049647  
  Sri D.S. Shakya E.E. (E) 9415142483  
  Sri M.V. Natu General Manager (Finance) 9412781876  
  Sri Vidyanshoo Krishna Dy. C.A.O. 9415049620  
  Sri Ajay Mehrotra Asst. Manager (Finance) 9415049640  
  Sri Neeraj Chaturvedi Asst. Manager (Finance) 9415049649  
  Sri Neeraj Srivastava Asst. Manager (Finance) 8004921860  
  Sri Ajay Sinha Asst. Manager (Finance) 9415049657  
  Sri Anoop Sinha Asst. Manager (Finance) 9415608282  
  Sri Deepak Verma Vayvastha Adhikari 9415049756  
  Sri Anwar Anzar Media Prabhari 9415049616  
  Sri U.K. Singh Legal Officer 9415115301  
  Sri Ajay Srivastava Legal Officer 9415115310  
Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Workshop, Rawatpur, Kanpur
  Sri Sanjay Shukla General Manager (Tech.) 9415049709  
  Sri R.P. Giri Dy. C.M.E. 9415049652  
Central Workshop, Rawatpur, Kanpur
  Sri A. Rahman General Manager (Tech.) 9415049773  
  Sri M.K. Singh Dy. C.M.E. 9415049673  
  Sri G.P. Singh General Manager (Quality Control) 9415049664  
  Sri Anurag Agarwal Service Manager 9415007553  
  Sri S.K. Seth Asst. Regional Manager (Tech.) 9415115303  
  Sri Sudama Prasad Asst. Regional Manager (Tech.) 6387936261  
Training Institute, Kanpur
  Sri R.P. Giri Principal 9415049674  
  Sri Deependra Singh Asst. Regional Manager (Fin.) 9415608283  
New Delhi
  Sri Vinay Kumar Goel Asst.Engineer, Ajmeri Gate 09868394963 011-232325367
Fax : 23238708
  Guest House     23238708
  U.P. Niwas     011-23014263, 69
  U.P. Bhawan     011-23010151, 59
Fax : 011-24678750
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