Auction Notices

List of Tender Unit
S. No. Name of Work Place Est. Cost Tender form fees Last date for form sale Date and time of Tender
Deposit Opening
1E-Tender notice for establishing of washing plant for cleanliness and washing of air conditioned buses (Janrath/Shatabdi/Volvo/Scania) at Sahibabad depot of Ghaziabad regionHead Quarter
2Auction notice regarding vacant Canteen/Stalls at several bus stations in Moradabad region.Head Quarter22/02/2019 14:0022/02/2019 15:00
3Notice regarding auction of vacant canteen/stalls in Moradabad region.Head Quarter22/02/2019 14:0022/02/2019 15:00
4Tender notice for “Lying vacant” and “To be vacant” stalls of category “A” and category “B” bus stations at Deoria, Mahrajganj, Nichloul, Siddharthnagar, Sonouli and Basti bus stations of Gorakhpur Region


Head Quarter
5Auction tender notice for vacant stalls at Ghaziabad, Sahibabad, Buland Shahar New Bus Station, Hapur, Dadri, Modi Nagar and Loni bus stations of Ghaziabad region.Head Quarter
6E-Auction Notice for installation of automatic washing plant for cleaning and washing of Air Conditioned buses (Janrath/Shatabdi/Volvo/Scania) in the Sahibabad depot of Ghaziabad Region of Uttar Pradesh State Transport CorporationHead Quarter13/12/201810/01/2019 15:00
7Temporary auction notice for parking and cleanliness of undertaking buses being operated from Nagram Bus Stand of Charbagh in Lucknow Region. Head Quarter05/01/2019 14:00
8Auction Notice for the vacant stalls of Deoria, Maharajganj, nichlaul, Siddharthnagar, padrauna, Sonauli and Basti Bus Station under Gorakhpur Region.Head Quarter
9Auction Notice for the vacant stalls of Ghaziabad, Sahibabad, Bulandshahar (new), Hapur and Dadri Bus Station under Ghaziabad Region.Head Quarter
10e-Auction Notice for Establishment of Automatic Washing Plant for Cleaning-Washing of AC Buses (Janrath/Shatabdi/Volvo/Scania) of Sahibabad Depot under Ghaziabad Region.Head Quarter28/11/2018 15:00