List of Tender Unit
S. No. Name of Work Place Est. Cost Tender form fees Last date for form sale Date and time of Tender
Deposit Opening
1Tender Notice for Improvement to Bus Station Bhaisali and Construction of Mini Tubewell at Bus Station Rampur.Head Quarter31/03/2017 15:0031/03/2017 15:30
2Office Notice for selection of contractor for Cleaning-Washing of Rapti Nagar Workshop/Bus Station, Deoria Depot Workshop, Maharajganj Bus Station , Sonauli Depot Workshop/Bus Station.Head Quarter05/04/2017 14:0005/04/2017 15:00
3e-Tender Notice for purchase of various items / parts of Buses.Head Quarter
4Tender for Selecting Agency to Build Own & Operate Bus Washing & Cleaning Facility.Head Quarter12/04/2017 13:0012/04/2017 14:0012/04/2017 15:00
5Tender for Periodical Maintenance, Overhauling of Assemblies Body Work on Tata / Leyland CNG Buses with Labour, Lubricants and Spare Parts Cost at Noida Region.Head Quarter18/04/2017 15:0018/04/2017 15:0018/04/2017 16:00
6Tender Invitation Notice for Cleaning Facility at Bus Station Campus Sohrabgate.Head Quarter
7Tender Notice for Special Repairing work of Building & Yard at Bus Station Kannauj and Bus Station Sidhauli, Sitapur.Head Quarter20/04/2017 15:0020/04/2017 15:30
8Tender Notice for Repairing and Electrification work of Roadways Labour Union Office at Bus Station Charbagh.Head Quarter19/04/2017 15:0019/04/2017 15:30
9Tender Notice for special repairing work of Registration Physical, Signal Test Room and Principal Room at Training Institute, Kanpur.Head Quarter19/04/2017 15:0019/04/2017 15:30
10Tender for hiring of spaces for Advertisement / Publicity through Ordinary Corporation & Hired Big / Mini Buses in UPSRTC.Head Quarter26/04/2017 15:0026/04/2017 15:30
11Tender for hiring of spaces for Advertisement / Publicity in UPSRTC.Head Quarter20/04/2017 15:0020/04/2017 15:30
12Tender for fooding facility under Yatri Plaza Yojana.Head Quarter31/03/2017 17:00
13Tender Invitation Notice for repairing job of various Items / Motor Parts of Tata Vehicles at Regional / Depot Workshop, Saharanpur Region.Head Quarter27/03/2017 14:0027/03/2017
14Tender Invitation Notice for repairing job of various Electrical Motor Parts of Tata Vehicles at Regional / Depot Workshop, Saharanpur Region.Head Quarter27/03/2017 14:0027/03/2017
15Short Term Tender for Hiring of Vehicles on rental basis at Aligarh Depot under Aligarh Region.Head Quarter15/02/2017 13:0015/02/2017 15:00
16Proposal Invitation Notice for providing Drinking Water at Gandhi Park, Sasni, Kasganj, Atrauli, Masudabad, Hathras, Etah and Naraura Bus Station under Aligarh Region.Head Quarter09/02/2017 14:0009/02/2017 15:00
17Quotation Invitation Notice for the Mechanical Work of Vehicles through Out Sourcing.Head Quarter
18Tender Invitation Notice for the Operation of Toilets at Saini Bus Station.Head Quarter02/02/201703/02/2017 14:0003/02/2017 15:00
19Tender/Proposal Invitation Notice for various job work at Aligarh / Buddhvihar / Etah / Hathras / Kasganj / Naraura / Atrauli Depot.Head Quarter27/01/2017 15:0027/01/2017 16:00
20Tender for Mechanical Work of Vehicles of UPSRTC, Ghaziabad.


Head Quarter
21Tender Document for periodical maintenance, overhauling of assemblies body work on Tata / Leyland CNG Buses with Labour, Lubricans and Spare Parts Cost at Noida Region.



Tender Cancellation Notice

Head Quarter
22Tender for 'Offer to Plan, Install and Maintain Wi-Fi Medium in our Fleet of 10500 Buses and 250 Bus Stations'


Head Quarter27/01/2017 15:0027/01/2017 15:30
23Tender for hiring of spaces for Advertisement / Publicity through Ordinary Hired Mini Buses in UPSRTC.Head Quarter30/01/2017 15:0030/01/2017 15:30
24Tender Notice for repairing wok of damaged Boundary Wall of Depot Workshop Pump Room and external electrification of approach road Bus Station & Work Shop at Kaushambi Ghaziabad.Head Quarter06/01/2017 15:0006/01/2017 15:30
25Press Release for the Cleaning-Washing Work of Basti Bus Station under Gorakhpur Region.Head Quarter17/01/2017 14:0017/01/2017 15:00
26Tender / Proposal Invitation Notice for the various Job Work at Regional Workshop Bareilly, Depot Workshop Bareilly, Badaun and Piliphit.


Head Quarter
27Proposal Invitation Notice for the Sleeper AC Cooled Buses Contract.


Head Quarter06/01/2017 15:0006/01/2017 15:30
28Corrigedum for the Tender Ref. No. 1231 GM(MMT)/2016-819/Purchase/2016 dated 13.12.2016 for Pre Bid Conference for Purchase of New Tyre SetsHead Quarter
29Tender Invitation Notice for repairing of various types of Motor Parts at Meerut Region.Head Quarter02/01/2017 13:0002/01/2017