List of Tender Unit
S. No. Name of Work Place Est. Cost Tender form fees Last date for form sale Date and time of Tender
Deposit Opening
1E-tender notice regarding undertaking of buses under General Rural Undertaking Bus Scheme-2019 in Aligarh region.Head Quarter25/09/2019 15:0025/09/2019 17:00
2Regarding invitation of tender for hiring of 63 KVA silent generator set at monthly rental for three years, in Depot Workshop of Prayagraj. Head Quarter03/10/2019 14:0003/10/2019 15:00
3Regarding invitation of tender for repair works of washing platform at Depot Work Shop at Fatehgarh.Head Quarter20/09/2019 15:0020/09/2019 15:30
4Regarding invitation of tender for repair work of overhead electricity line of Buddhvihar Depot Workshop Aligarh. Head Quarter20/09/2019 15:0020/09/2019 15:30
5Regarding instructions for firms submitting tenders against construction work of damaged boundary wall of Depot Workshop Idgaah Agra. Head Quarter20/09/2019 15:0020/09/2019 15:30
6Regarding invitation of tender to undertake the buses in compliance with Ordinary Rural Undertaking Bus Scheme-2019. Head Quarter30/09/2019 15:00
7Tender notice for repairing work of washing platform of Depot Workshop Fatehgarh and Regional Workshop Etawah.Head Quarter20/09/2019 15:0020/09/2019 15:30
8Tender notice for repairing work of Nagina Bus Station.Head Quarter20/09/2019 15:0020/09/2019 15:30
9Invitation of tender regarding undertaking the buses for 26 routes of Lucknow area as per General Rural Undertaking Bus Scheme-2019. Head Quarter
10Invitation of short term tender regarding piping and electrification of air-conditioner of the gallery located at ground floor of Headquarters.


Head Quarter25/09/2019 15:0025/09/2019 15:30
11Regarding invitation of tender for air conditioning of gallery located in the basement of main building of Headquarters. Head Quarter24/09/2019 18:0025/09/2019 15:30
12Office Order regarding deputation of conductors on contract basis and submission of Joining Report under Ghaziabad region.Head Quarter
13Regarding invitation of tender for undertaking the buses for Devipatan region under General Rural Undertaking Buses Scheme-2019.Head Quarter27/09/2019 14:00
14Tender notice regarding auction of contracts/stalls lying vacant at newly constructed burs station Etawah, Sirsaganj, Bewar & Saifai, Shikohabad and Firozabad of Etawah region. Head Quarter18/09/2019 14:0018/09/2019 15:00
15Tender invitation notice regarding identification/development of commuter plaza at Etawah-Kanpur and Kanpur-Etawah rout for the buses of transport corporation. Head Quarter26/09/2019 16:0027/09/2019
16E-tender notice for contract of general private buses in Prayagraj, Kaushambi and Mirzapur districts.Head Quarter23/09/2019 15:00
17Tender notice for various vacant and newly constructed book stalls, fruit stalls, general merchant stalls, medicine stalls and other various stalls under Aligarh region.Head Quarter17/09/201918/09/2019 14:0018/09/2019 15:00
18Regarding invitation of tender for pavement work at premises near maintenance shed and at Kachcha yard near store in Regional Work Shop at Etawah. Head Quarter12/09/2019 15:0012/09/2019 15:30
19Regarding invitation of tenders for special repairs of Ticket store of car section in the Headquarters as well as Anti-Mouse and Anti-Termite treatment works. Head Quarter12/09/2019 15:0012/09/2019 15:30
20Regarding invitation of tenders for repair work in premises of Headquarters near cycle shed and repair work of Camp Office of President, located at Gautam Palli. Head Quarter12/09/2019 15:0012/09/2019 15:30
21Regarding tender invitation notice for stalls, lying vacant, for various bus stations of Ghaziabad region. Head Quarter
22Tender notice regarding advertising through Ground Hoarding, Unipole hoarding at various bus stations under UPSRTC Ghaziabad Region.Head Quarter27/09/2019 14:0027/09/2019
23Tender notice regarding repairing of Store Shed & Dug Shed at DWS Foundry Nagar, Agra and bus station at Mathura. Agra Depot12/09/2019 15:0012/09/2019 15:30
24Tender notice regarding repair work of bus station Maanth – district Mathura and store shed & dug shed of depot workshop of Foundry Nagar Agra. Head Quarter12/09/2019 15:0012/09/2019 15:30
25 Regarding making the details of tenders available, received through e-tendering under “General Rural Undertaking Bus Scheme-2019” Head Quarter
26Regarding calculated B.O.Q. on Internal Electrification work of Depot Work Shop Badaun Head Quarter12/09/2019
27Regarding tender invitation notice for job of Tyre Platform and Tyre Shed at Depot Work Shop Hapud including few other works. Head Quarter12/09/2019 15:0012/09/2019 15:30
28Tender invitation notice regarding minimum reserved monthly rent for the shop constructed at bus station Hardoi of Hardoi region. Head Quarter25/09/2019 14:0025/09/2019 15:00
29Tender notice regarding cleaning of premises and other places of Bus Station Shamli, Bus Station Khatauli and Depot Workshop Khatauli.Head Quarter28/09/2019 12:0030/09/2019 14:00
30Tender notice regarding cleaning and maintenance of toilets at Bus Station Bhaisali, Meerut Region.Head Quarter21/09/2019 14:0021/09/2019 15:00
31Short term tender notice regarding allotment of contracts lying vacant/about to vacate in near future in Sohrabgate and Bhaisali depot of Meerut region. Head Quarter21/09/2019 14:0021/09/2019 15:00
32Tender notice regarding allotment of contracts lying vacant/to be vacated in near future in the Barout and Gadhmukteshwar bus stations of Meerut region. Head Quarter19/09/2019 14:0019/09/2019 15:00
33Regarding short term quotation notice for providing Modular Baby Feeding Cubicles at bus station. Head Quarter30/08/2019 15:0030/08/2019 15:30
34E-tender invitation notice regarding allotment of shops of minimum reserved rent per month, constructed at the bus station of Hardoi in Hardoi region. Head Quarter28/08/2019 12:0028/08/2019 15:00
35E-tender invitation notice regarding registration as publishing agency with UPSRTC Headquarters. Head Quarter16/09/2019 15:00
36E-tender invitation notice from vehicle manufacturers regarding procurement of Diesel Passenger Chassis of BS-IV norms.Head Quarter13/09/2019 15:0013/09/2019 16:00
37E-tender invitation notice regarding installation of Water Vending Machines at various locations of UPSRTC. Head Quarter
38Cancellation notice of tender invited vide letter No 2712 dated 12.07,2019 regarding cleaning-washing of old bus stations, all offices, satellite bus station and Badaun bus station of Bareilly region.Head Quarter30/08/2019 14:0030/08/2019 15:00
39Tender notice regarding auction of various vacant stalls/shops at various newly constructed bus stations under Etawah region.Head Quarter21/08/2019 14:0021/08/2019 15:00
40Regarding cancellation of tender Number 4748/पी॰आर॰/क्षे॰प्र॰/संचा॰/ग्रा॰अनु॰ बस योजना-2019/19 dated 10.08.2019 (related with proposals for operation of general private buses in rural areas of Prayagraj region) Head Quarter
41Regarding work of rewinding of Self Starter Armature.Head Quarter19/08/2019 11:00
42Tender notice regarding auction of vacant/newly constructed stalls at gandhipark, hathras, etah bus stations in Aligarh Region.Head Quarter22/08/2019 14:0022/08/2019 15:00
43Tender invitation notice regarding installation and commissioning of new silent feature generator set and branded generator set (Kirloskar, Cummins, Leyland, Mahindra and Jackson etc) on rental basis at bus stations/ depot workshops of Moradabad region.Head Quarter16/08/2019 14:0016/08/2019 15:00
44Tender notice regarding installation of silent feature generator set (on rental basis) at Rapti Nagar and Nausad bus stations, Gorakhpur region. Head Quarter19/08/2019 15:0019/08/2019 16:00
45Tender notice regarding Repairing to Approach at Bus Station Katghar Moradabad.Head Quarter09/08/2019 15:0009/08/2019 15:30
46Tender notice regarding Repairing of doors and windows at Officer Guest House Bareilly.Head Quarter09/08/2019 15:0009/08/2019 15:30
47Tender notice regarding Repairing work of Shed roofing at Depot Workshop Muzaffarnagar.Head Quarter09/08/2019 15:0009/08/2019 15:30
48Tender invitation notice regarding identifying/development of New Commuter Plaza for the buses of Corporation to facilitate the commuters on Bahraich-Lucknow road in Devipatan region. Head Quarter15/08/2019 16:0016/08/2019
49E-tender inviting notice from Indian Bank Association’s (IBA) empaneled security presses for printing of computerized B.T. Books. Head Quarter27/08/2019 15:0027/08/2019 16:00
50Tender invitation notice regarding identifying/developing New Commuter’s Plaza on Bahraich-Lucknow road in Lucknow region.

Corrigendum 26-08-2019


Head Quarter30/08/2019 16:0031/08/2019
51Tender/Proposal invitation notice for various job works through Out Sourcing in Moradabad regional workshop of Moradabad region. Head Quarter14/08/2019 14:0014/08/2019 15:00
52TENDER NOTICE FOR PURCHASE OF FULLY BUILT ORDINARY BUSESHead Quarter20/08/2019 15:0020/08/2019 16:00
53E-Tender Notice for Issuance of Term Group Insurance Policy for Regular EmployeesHead Quarter20/08/2019 15:0020/08/2019 16:00
54Tender invitation notice regarding allotment of lying vacant/about to vacate stalls at Zero Road, Badshahpur, Civil Lines and Mirzapur bus stations of Prayagraj region.Head Quarter22/08/2019 14:0022/08/2019 15:00
55E-tender notice for Parking Contract of Kaiserbagh Bus Station of Lucknow Region.Head Quarter19/08/2019 18:0020/08/2019
56Tender notice for cleaning of Toilets that come under premises/building of Regional Workshop Bareilly, Rohilkhand and Badaun.Head Quarter30/07/2019 14:0030/07/2019 15:00
57E tender invitation notice regarding supply of Tata Brake Lining, Ready Made High Back Bus Seat Set and Fire Extinguishers ABC typeHead Quarter26/08/2019 15:0026/08/2019 16:00
58E-tender invitation notice regarding supply of Radial Tyre, Tube Flap 9.00x20 (14 PR)Head Quarter19/08/2019 15:0019/08/2019 16:00
59Tender notice regarding installation of silent feature generator set (on rental basis) at Depot Workshop Rampur, Bijnour, Amroha and Bus Station Rampur depot Moradabad region. Head Quarter06/08/2019 14:0006/08/2019 15:00
60Tender invitation notice regarding supply of 50 Gunman/Dandaman security personnel for safeguarding various bus stations, workshops and offices in Prayagraj region. Head Quarter29/07/2019 14:0029/07/2019 15:30
61Tender invitation notice for cleanliness-washing of bus stations Kishni of Etawah region. Head Quarter31/07/2019 14:0031/07/2019 15:00
62Renovation Work of GF Gallery at Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation Head Quarter Lucknow.Head Quarter01/08/2019 18:0002/08/2019 15:30
63Tender Notice for operation of canteen at Saini Bus Station under Leader Road Depot in Allahabad Region. Head Quarter06/08/2019 14:3006/08/2019 15:00
64Tender invitation notice regarding the printing and supply of Thermal Paper Rolls for use in Electronic Ticketing Machines (ETMs) of U.P. State Road Transport Corporation (U.P.S.R.T.C.).Head Quarter
65E-tender notice for the issuance of unnamed accidental group insurance policy for contractual drivers and conductors.Head Quarter14/08/2019 15:0014/08/2019 16:00
66Tender invitation notice regarding installation of silent generator sets (new and branded - Kirloskar, Mahindra, Cummins, Leyland etc) on monthly rental basis at Khurja, Bulandshahr, Ghaziabad and Koushambi depot bus station of Ghaziabad region. Head Quarter31/07/2019 14:0031/07/2019 15:00
67Short term tender notice regarding allotment of contracts lying vacant/about to vacate in near future in Sohrabgate and Bhaisali depot of Meerut region. Head Quarter02/08/2019 14:0002/08/2019 15:00
68Tender invitation notice regarding cleanliness of bus station premises, Passenger’s Shed, Front Offices and Workshop premises of Barout bus station of Meerut region. Head Quarter06/08/2019 14:0006/08/2019 15:00