List of Tender Unit
S. No. Name of Work Place Est. Cost Tender form fees Last date for form sale Date and time of Tender
Deposit Opening
1Tender notice regarding installation of computer and accessories.


Head Quarter15/04/2019 14:0015/04/2019 16:00
2Tender notice for auction of lying vacant contracts/stalls on newly constructed bus station Etawah, Sirsaganj, Bewar and Saifai, Shikohabad & Firozabad of Etawah region.Head Quarter27/03/2019 14:0027/03/2019 15:00
3Tender/proposals are invited for washing-cleaning of toilets available in the workshops premises of Cantonment Depot, Kashi Depot, Vindhyanagar Depot and Regional Workshop Jaunpur of Varanasi region. Head Quarter25/03/2019 14:0025/03/2019 15:00
4Tenders for auction of lying vacant contracts in the Meerut region, which were invited vide our letter Nos. 4390 dated 02 Mar 2019, 4386 dated 01 Mar 2019, 913 dated 28 February, 2019 and 887 dated 27 February 2019 are hereby cancelled due to model code of conduct is in effect. Head Quarter
5Temporary tender invitation notice for auction of vacant/non operative stalls at newly constructed modern bust station of Barabanki in Lucknow region. Head Quarter25/03/2019 15:00
6Temporary tender invitation notice for auction of vacant/non operative stalls at newly constructed modern bust station of Barabanki in Lucknow region. Head Quarter25/03/2019 15:00
7Tender notice regarding demolishing of old shabby building at Bus station Badshah Pur in district Jaunpur and construction of one number passenger shed, hall and room. Head Quarter09/04/2019 18:00
8Tender notice for maintenance 118 buses of MCTSL (with driver) were asked vide OM No 325 dated 22.02.2019, were opened on 07.03.2019 but not found fit hence are now again invited as fresh by 15.03.2019. Head Quarter
9Tender notice for erection of road side shelter for passengers at Mankapur stoppage in district Gonda of Devi Patan region. Head Quarter19/03/2019 15:0019/03/2019 15:30
10Proposals are invited by ATCL (Allahabad City Transport Limited) for three years for displaying the advertisements on 119 busesHead Quarter18/03/2019 14:0018/03/2019 16:00
11Tender notice for construction of road side shelter for passengers in Roudhouli (district Basti) Head Quarter28/03/2019 15:0028/03/2019 15:30
12Tender notice for construction of road side shelter for passengers at Rudhouli bus station in district Basti.Head Quarter28/03/2019 15:0028/03/2019 15:30
13Tender notice for installing speed limiting devices in the CNG buses of NOIDA Region.Head Quarter06/03/2019 14:0006/03/2019 15:00
14Tender notice regarding auction of General Merchant (reserved for Person with Disabilities) and Book Stall (reserved for Person with Disabilities) at Bus Stations Baraut and Garhmukteshwar.Head Quarter15/03/2019 14:0015/03/2019 15:00
15Short term Tender notice for allotment of lying vacant/to be vacant contracts at Sohrab Gate and Bhaisali depots of Meerut Region.Head Quarter14/03/2019 14:0014/03/2019 15:00
16Tender notice for auction of lying vacant or to be vacant stalls at Deoria, Mahrajganj, Nichnaul, Siddharth Nagar, Sonouli, Basti and Padrouna bus stations of Gorakhpur Region.Head Quarter06/03/2019 14:0006/03/2019 15:00
17Short term tender notice for lying vacant/to be lying vacant contracts at Bhaisali Depot of Meerut Region. Head Quarter12/03/2019 14:0012/03/2019 15:00
18Tender notice for auction of Cycle/Scooter/Motor Cycle parking at Gandhi Park Aligarh Bus Station of Aligarh Region. Head Quarter06/03/2019 14:0006/03/2019 15:00
19Tender notice of newly created contracts/stalls at Gandhi Park Aligarh and Eta bus stations of Aligarh Region. Head Quarter06/03/2019 14:0006/03/2019 15:00
20Short Term tender notice for construction of road side shelter for passenger at Ushait, Usawan and Alapur stoppages in Badayun district of Meerut region.Head Quarter06/03/2019 15:0006/03/2019 15:30
21Short term tender notice for operation of Cycle/Scooter/Motor Cycle parking at Sohrabgate Bus Station of Meerut Region. Head Quarter12/03/2019 14:0012/03/2019 15:00
22Tender notice for construction of Road Side shelter at Mavai and Bhelsar stoppages of Ayodhya region.


Head Quarter15/03/2019 15:0015/03/2019 15:30
23Tender notice regarding installation of Speed Limiting Device in CNG buses of Noida Region.Head Quarter02/03/2019 14:0002/03/2019 15:00
24E-tender notice regarding maintenance work on job work basis in Tata/Leyland Buses at various depot workshops under Saharanpur Region.Head Quarter05/03/2019 15:00
25Tender Notice for Mechanical/Electrical/Body maintenance of buses in Deport Workshop Rapti Nagar, Siddharthnagar, Nichnoul, Sonouli, Padrona , Basti, Deoria and Gorakhpur of Gorakhpur Region.Head Quarter02/03/2019 14:0002/03/2019 15:00
26Tender Notice for installing Speed Limiting Devices in C.N.G. buses of NOIDA Region. Head Quarter26/02/2019 12:0026/02/2019 13:00
27Tender for procurement of fooding, drinking water, toilet and public amenities at bus stations of all routes in Varanasi Region.Head Quarter07/03/2019 14:00
28Short term e-tender notice regarding construction of passenger shelter at various places in district Badayun.Head Quarter06/03/2019 15:0006/03/2019 15:30
29Tender notice for Painting & Plastering, fixing of LED Tube Lights, Panelling, Records Rack construction and maintenance of Attached Toilets in various buildings at Headquarters of UPSRTC. Head Quarter28/02/2019 15:0028/02/2019 15:30
30Tender notice for allotment of lying vacant/”would be” vacant stalls at Barout and Gadhmukteshwar depot of Meerut Region. Head Quarter27/02/2019 14:0027/02/2019 15:00
31Short term tender notice for allotment of lying vacant/”would be” vacant stalls at Sohrab Gate and Bhaisali depot of Meerut Region. Head Quarter28/02/2019 14:0028/02/2019 15:00
32RFP for operation and maintenance of buses for MCTSL-2018-19.


Head Quarter28/02/201928/02/2019
33Tender Of Safai Civillines Bus Station PrayagrajHead Quarter28/02/2019 14:0028/02/2019 15:30
34E-Tender Notice for the construction work of bus station town Dibai, District BulandshaharHead Quarter05/03/2019 18:0006/03/2019 15:30
35E-Tender Notice for improvement work of Bus Station at Tantpur, District AgraHead Quarter05/03/2019 18:0006/03/2019 15:30
36Tender notice for operation and maintenance of 10 low floor Non AC Buses, 68 Front Engine Standard Tata 1512 Buses and 40 Tata 712 Mini Buses for urban and suburban routes for three years for Meerut city Transport Services LimitedHead Quarter15/02/201928/02/2019 14:00
37Tender form for CNG General Contracted Bus Scheme -2019

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Head Quarter15/02/2019
38Tender notice for operation of lying vacant stalls at Zero Road, Badshahpur, Civil Lines, Mirzapur and Pratapgarh bus stations of Prayagraj Region Head Quarter27/02/2019 14:0027/02/2019 15:00
39Tender for installation of silent feature generator on rental basis at Regional Workshop Bareilly, Tyreshop and Old Bus Station at Bareilly Region. Head Quarter23/02/2019 14:0023/02/2019 15:00
40Tender notice for removal of 42 Eucalyptus trees erected in Jalalabad Bus Station premises Head Quarter12/02/2019 12:0012/02/2019 14:00
41Tender notice regarding stalls vacant at Bah Depot Bus Station under Agra Region.Head Quarter11/02/2019 17:0013/02/2019 11:00
42Soil testing work of land of Chhibramau Bus Station.Head Quarter12/02/2019 15:0012/02/2019 15:30
43Tender notice regarding Computers, Printers, UPS, Toner Filling and Cartridge Parts and Computer Accessories in Noida region.Head Quarter22/02/2019 14:0022/02/2019 16:00
44Tender notice regarding vacant stalls/stalls to be vacant in near future at various stations under Meerut Region.Head Quarter05/02/2019 14:0005/02/2019 15:00
45Tenders are invited regarding cleaning of Building Premises and Toilets etc. at Charbagh/Sub-Urban Depot Workshop and Awadh Depot Workshop Premises.Head Quarter23/01/2019 14:0023/01/2019 16:00
46Tender notice regarding cleaning and maintenance of Modern Toilets under Meerut Region.Head Quarter07/02/2019 14:0007/02/2019 15:00
47Tenders are invited for cleaning of Bus Station premises Bhainsali Depot.Head Quarter07/02/2019 14:0007/02/2019 15:00
48E-Tender are invited from Bus Body Fabricators for Fabrication of AC Bus Bodies on Diesel Passenger Bus BS-IV Norms.Head Quarter12/02/2019 15:0012/02/2019 16:00
49E-tenders are invited for Radiator Repair, Reckon Radiator Assembly, Intercooler Repair etc. at Depot Workshop/Regional Workshop, Prayagraj.Head Quarter07/02/2019 14:3007/02/2019 15:00
50Tenders for supply of spare parts of Tata and Leyland Buses from eligible tenderers (conditions to participate in tendering are mentioned in each tender document) are invited by UPSRTC. Head Quarter
51Tenders are invited regarding refilling of ABC Type Fire Extinguisher of 04 KG, 05 KG & 06 KG and C02 Type Fire Extinguisher of 05 KG DCP Type and 4.50 KG in Meerut Region.Head Quarter17/01/2019 13:00
52Construction of Bus Station and Depot Workshop at Sonbhadra RobertsganjHead Quarter15/01/2019 16:51
53E-tender notice for obtaining job wise rates for maintenance based on job work in the Tata/Leyland buses in Muzaffarnagar, Chhutmalpur, Saharanpur and Khatouli depot workshops of Saharanpur region. Head Quarter30/01/2019 12:00
54E-tender notice for security printing of Cash receipt Books, Form-44 and Way Bill Pads from the security presses empanelled with Indian bank Association (IBA). Head Quarter28/01/2019 15:0028/01/2019 16:00
55Auction tender notice for the stalls lying vacant at bus stations of Ghaziabad , Sahibabad, Buland Shahar new bus station, Hapur, Dadri , Modinagar and Loni bus station of Ghaziabad region.Head Quarter
56Tender notice for vacant/expiring cleanliness contracts for various bus stations of Ghaziabad region Head Quarter17/01/2019 14:0017/01/2019 15:00
57Tender regarding supply of certified branded packed water bottle in AC Buses at Kaushambi and Sahibabad DepotHead Quarter11/01/2019 12:0011/01/2019 15:00
58Tenders are invited for the auction of 42 eucalyptus trees at Uttar Pradesh Parivahan Nigam, Jalalabad Bus Station.Head Quarter08/01/2019 12:0008/01/2019 14:00
59E-tender notice for selection of manufacturers for supplying, installing, operating and further maintenance of water vending machines on various locations of UPSRTCHead Quarter
60Tender notice for provision of cycle/scooter/motor cycle/car parking at Zero Road bus station of Prayagraj regionHead Quarter10/01/2019 14:0010/01/2019 15:00
61Short term auction/tender notice for demolishing work of Over Head tank at depot workshop Khatouli on the basis of "where it is ". Head Quarter16/01/2019 12:0016/01/2019 14:00
62Tender Notice for cleanliness and maintenance of modular Gents and Ladies toilet available at Bhaisali bus station in Meerut regionHead Quarter07/01/2019 14:0007/01/2019 15:00